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Peter Drews, DDS, MAGD at Drews Dental Services

" We are a local business and appreciate what it means to serve the community."

"We have very high customer service standards that focus on the relationship with our patients. We bank with Mechanics Savings because they share the same philosophy.

Mechanics Savings is genuinely invested in supporting a growing local economy, and as a “neighborhood bank”, they fully appreciate and understand the needs and challenges business owners and leaders are faced with.”

- Peter Drews, DDS, MAGD, Owner of Drews Dental Services, P.C., Lewiston, Maine

Cyndi Robbins, Owner of Poland Spring Resort

" I’m very comfortable with Mechanics. It’s trust, it’s relationship, it’s a two-way street–it’s friendship."

"I see Mechanics on several levels: the charity level, the friendship level–it’s all there. And for all the things you need to run a business, they’re the experts, and that’s what you want: the experts.
Understanding each other, understanding the different businesses we’re involved in – I don’t think you can get that if your bank’s not local.”

- Cyndi Robbins, Owner of Poland Spring Resort and Cyndi's Dockside, Poland, Maine

Jo Miller, Maine Woolens

"Mechanics has been tremendously helpful to our small business, with service you just don't get from the big banks."

"From the moment I met with Mechanics Savings I felt an old-fashioned level of customer service, closeness, and trust you used to find at a local community bank.

Mechanics understands who we are, they believe strongly in us, and they’re always ready and willing to help us whenever they can. I know I can call them and they’ll be here to help me...and they go above and beyond any other bank I’ve ever worked with. I feel important to them. I recommend Mechanics Savings all the time.”

- Jo Miller, Owner of Maine Woolens, Brunswick, Maine


Annette & Michael Nadeau, Bedard Pharmacy & Medical Supplies

"We were a small business with a big adventure in mind, and Mechanics was right there with us, every step of the way."

"When it came to financing our new facility, we never felt like we were going it alone. Mechanics really understood our business and our vision, and they had a lot of solid advice. They helped us secure our SBA loan and financed the rest. It was so comforting to know that Mechanics had our back and never waivered in their belief of our company.
It’s a great partnership on multiple levels, but it’s more than that. With the same mission, history, and commitment to the community, it feels like our businesses are woven together.”

-Annette & Michael Nadeau, Owners of Bedard Pharmacy & Medical Supplies, with stores in Auburn and Lewiston, Maine

Dan Cunliffe II, Republic Jewelry & Collectibles

"Mechanics makes my life easier in so many ways, and they're always working to help me make money. Now, that's a great bank!"

"We moved all our banking to Mechanics nearly a decade ago, and I’ve been absolutely happy ever since. Our business credit line is a perfect example. It gives us the power to purchase sizeable rare coin collections and jewelry estates on the spot. And when we’ve had a chance to expand our store, Mechanics has come through with very attractive financing options. 
Everyone at the bank has been friendly, knowledgeable, and responsive! I’ve never had to wait for an answer. They go out of their way for us all the time, always striving to understand our business and help us save money. We love working with Mechanics.” 

-Dan Cunliffe II, Owner of Republic Jewelry & Collectibles, Auburn, Maine