CardValet® FAQs 


Why do I need CardValet® if I already have mobile banking?

What type of transactions display in CardValet®?

What types of phones are supported by CardValet®?

Does CardValet® work for ATM or credit cards?

How long does the app stay logged in if I do not log out?

If my debit card is replaced, does the new card number need to be registered manually through the app?

Do I still need to notify my bank to report my debit card lost or stolen if I can turn the card off myself using CardValet®?


What information do I need to register my debit card in CardValet®?

What are the CardValet® password requirements?

I have accounts at another Bank that offers CardValet®. Can I use one CardValet® app for multiple Banks?

How many cards can I register within a single CardValet® application?

If my address is longer than 20 characters, what should be entered?

Can multiple cards be linked to one registered CardValet® account?

If I register a card for my child, what stops my child from changing the controls placed on the card?

Can I re-enroll in CardValet® if I have previously unsubscribed?


Controls and Alerts

What is the range of the My Location controls?

Do the My Location controls impact online transactions?

If My Location is set but my primary device is turned off, will transactions be denied outside of the My Location area?

What happens if I set up My Location controls but leave my phone at home? Will transactions be denied outside the My Location area?

Can I turn on My Location for a dependent’s card?

A region has been set on the map. Does this mean the card can only be used exactly in this region?

Can CardValet® block all international transactions?

Will location controls, merchant controls, threshold controls, or turning the card off impact previously authorized recurring transactions?

How do I turn off notifications at certain times, such as when I’m sleeping?

How are CardValet® notifications delivered?

If I set multiple alerts and a transaction violates these alerts will I receive a separate message for each alert?

What is included in Spent on card this month?

When is the low balance alert generated?

Does the app show recent transaction history?/a>

Why did I receive 2 CardValet® notifications when I bought gas? One for an odd amount and then a second notification for the actual amount of the gas I purchased?

Will the balance be updated to include ATM, teller, check or Bill Payment transactions?

How do I remove an old or unused card number?

Can I unsubscribe from CardValet®?

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