Business Loans

Business Mortgages

Purchase, improve or refinance real estate.
  • Fixed or variable interest rates
  • Construction financing available

Business Line of Credit

Finance your short-term cash flow needs conveniently.
  • Manage cash flow while waiting for receivables
  • Immediate access to funds by contacting the bank or accessing online

Business Term Loans

Finance new business opportunities such as acquisitions, start-ups or partner buy-ins.
  • Flexible terms
  • Fixed or variable interest rates available

Equipment Loans and Lines of Credit

Ensure your business keeps up with technology and equipment to enhance your business offerings.
  • Up to 7 year amortization secured by machinery and equipment
  • Fixed or variable interest rates
  • Terms can match your depreciation schedule

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Business Overdraft Protection

Protect your business and your reputation with overdraft protection from Mechanics.

Account-to-Account Transfer

Link your Mechanics checking account to a money market account or an additional checking account at Mechanics. Funds are automatically transferred from the available balance in the linked account to cover a check or other debit transaction that may cause an overdraft.
  • No cost to apply, and a low $5.00 fee is charged per transfer
  • Funds are transferred in the exact dollar amount required to cover the overdraft
  • Unlimited transfers from another checking account
  • Up to six money market transfers per month
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